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People NOT Profits!

A brand new blog.Not a sales pitch, just a little about Lawrence Jordan Mortgage & Protection Services.

So here we are/here i am, a brand new company based in Hinckley, Leicestershire that offer clients mortgage and protection advise 7 days a week, but how did it all get going? and why did i want to set this up in the first place?

My name is Jack, the director of the company, with currently over 8 years experience in the financial services industry. I wanted to make a real change to peoples lives. I spent years working for some of the largest financial organisations in the country, and although as employers they were great, they often came with the corporate mumbo-jumbo, that often left me feeling that our customers were not getting the real service that they deserved. It shouldn't be about profits, it should be about people!

Today, people lead very busy lives, busier than ever in fact. The days of the standard 9-5 job don't really exist anymore, which means more and more people are working irregular hours, weekends, multiple jobs, bank holidays and complex contracts in order to keep the money coming in. Now; these people still need mortgage advise, they still want to buy their dream homes or want to protect their families from the unexpected but are either having to take time out (loss of income) or seek "robo" advise from the internet, being told what the "best" deal for them is based purely on a computer algorithm that list deals either in the order of the company that pays them the most (sponsored deals), or on information that doesn't take any of the clients circumstances into account. If i had a penny for every time somebody said " i went online and was told i couldn't get a mortgage" and then were able to get a mortgage by speaking to a professional, i would be writing this post on a beautiful sunny beach in Barbados, instead, i'm in my home office and keep occasionally having to check up on the dog to make sure she hasn't eaten anything she shouldn't have.

The point i am trying to get at is, if more and more people work irregular hours, then surely we as mortgage professionals should do the same right?

And that's what doesn't seem to be happening, people are told " i am sorry we close at 5" or no we don't work sundays" blah blah blah.

And that's one of the main motivators behind the company, we can see customers 7 days a week,we can see customers at 1am if need be! Nobody will be left out. i want to provide the personal, human touch of a face to face mortgage adviser ( or over the phone) that also provides people with the convenience that they would get from using the internet.Simple.

So in closing, its a very exciting time for me and the company at the moment, it is early days, but i am so happy to see that the customers i have helped have been pleased with the service i have provided to them. I cant wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you for reading this, future blog posts are going to be about pretty much anything, the journey of the company, interesting money things and maybe even some advice to those who are looking to get into the mortgage industry. so stay tuned!

Many thanks

Jack Jordan CeMAP.

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