• Lawrence Jordan

Why use a mortgage broker?

Mortgages are complicated...so here's why using a broker is the best thing you can do when purchasing or remortgaging a property.

1. Mortgage brokers are experts in the mortgage field. They have a solid understanding of multiple lenders criteria, which would come in handy if you have and special requirements. or your personal circumstances are a little out of the ordinary.

2. They compare a vast amount of mortgages from multiple lenders

, and can often get access to exclusive and semi-exclusive deals. That could mean you make extra savings when compared to going to a lender directly yourself.

3. They are experts in the property buying process. They will guide you through the in's and out's of the full property buying cycle and will even chase solicitors and estate agents to ensure the buying of the property is smooth and efficient. saving you the time and the hassle of having to do it yourself.

4. They will Look after your mortgage from day 1 until the end. A mortgage broker will keep you informed on changes in the market, and will let you know nice and early when your mortgage deal is due to finish. They will then review your personal circumstances again to see if there are any much more suitable deals out there. They will also be a personal point of contact, so no more waiting for hours on hold to a call centre.

5. They have a duty of care to ensure your home and you are protected. All Mortgage brokers have a duty of care to guide you through a range of different mortgage and personal protection options. You can rest assured that whatever happens, your home and loved ones are safe.

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